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June 2015

28th June 2015 12:24:23 PM

Scheduled maintenance

We are about to start scheduled maintenance on all regions.

There is no anticipated downtime, however each region will be taken off briefly and brought back up online. During this time, all traffic to that region will be re-routed to an alternative region.

28th Jun 12:48 PM

All data centres have been upgraded and a new region Frankfurt has been introduced.


over 3 years ago
15th June 2015 09:28:51 PM

New data centers and regions come online - São Paulo, Australia and Singapore

We have introduced three new regions and six data centres to our cluster, São Paulo, Australia and Singapore.

This will dramatically reduce latencies in Asia and South America moving forwards and is available now to all customers.


over 3 years ago
9th June 2015 04:04:13 PM

Our automated health check system has reported an issue in realtime Europe Ireland

This incident was created automatically by our automated health check system as it has identified a fault. We are now looking into this issue.

9th Jun 05:13 PM

Our health check system has reported this issue as resolved.
We will continue to investigate the issue and will update this incident shortly.

9th Jun 05:16 PM

We were doing some routine maintenance that resulted in some performance issues in eu-west-1. The service remained up throughout the maintenance.


over 3 years ago

May 2015

13th May 2015 11:00:11 PM

New data center instability

After rolling out 4 additional datacenters in Asia, Europe and South America, we noticed instability globally in a small selection of apps.

Whilst we identify the cause of the issue, we have rolled back to 4 data centres in California, Virginia, Oregon and Europe.


over 3 years ago
12th May 2015 08:05:00 AM

Cluster growth issue

We are currently expanding our cluster from 3 regions to 8 regions. Unfortunately we hit some issues during the rollout which resulted in 5 minutes of downtime globally.


over 3 years ago
11th May 2015 02:35:53 PM

Monitoring systems have reported issues in: website ably.io website

This incident has been created automatically by our monitoring systems as they have identified a fault. We are now looking into the reported issue.

11th May 02:36 PM

Our monitoring systems have reported this issue is resolved.
We are still investigating the issue and will update this incident shortly.

12th May 05:43 PM

The issue was intermittent and only effected a small number of users


over 3 years ago
1st May 2015 03:30:23 PM

Scheduled downtime

We had some scheduled downtime prior to our launch today from 15:00 GMT until 17:00 GMT.

1st May 05:24 PM

The system is now back up as planned


over 3 years ago

April 2015

14th April 2015 01:33:55 PM

Website uptime reporting issues

Since 13:33 UTC time our reporting systems are incorrectly reporting the website as being down.

This is not the case and the issue is a reporting system issue due to a recent change of DNS.

We should have this resolved shortly.


over 3 years ago