Incident Details

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19th August 2020 11:37:00 PM

disruption in us-west-1

Networking issues in aws us-west-1 between 23:37 and 00:13 UTC lead to elevated error rates and channel continuity losses in us-west-1.

Customer-visible effects will have consisted of:
- a small proportion of connections connected to us-west-1 region will have timed out or been disconnected, and may then reconnected to another region and failed to resume their connection, so experiencing a continuity loss on their channels
- a small proportion of channels that were active in the us-west-1 region will have migrated to other instances as the affected instances (which seem to have had all networking cut for an extended period) were detected as unhealthy and removed from the cluster. During this period publishes to those channels may be been refused or timed out, and channels which lost continuity due to the disruption will notify attached clients of continuity losses (in the form of an 'update' event, see https://www.ably.io/documentation/realtime/channels#listening-state).

We are in the process of a larger piece of work that will further decouple channel regions from each other, such that when networking issues affect a single region activity in other regions will be completely unaffected; unfortunately this is not yet complete, and in the current architecture clients in other regions attached to channels active in us-west-1 may also have experienced continuity losses.


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