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27th February 2020 11:05:42 AM

Performance issues in all regions due to database layer issues

We are investigating performance issues in all regions due to an issue with our database layer (Cassandra)

27th Feb 11:27 AM

Error rates have dropped back to normal. We are continuing to investigate.

27th Feb 01:11 PM

Error rates are back to normal. A small segment of the keyspace was unable to achieve quorum for a two hour period; sufficient replicates are now back online to achieve quorum for the entire keyspace, and several more instances are in the process of being brought online. We will review our global replication strategy for this persistence layer as part of a post-mortem.

10th Mar 08:24 PM

Please see https://status.ably.io/incidents/695 for the post mortem of this disruption.


in about 2 hours