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2nd July 2019 01:50:05 PM

Cloudflare issues affecting fallback hosts, CDN, and website

Fallback realtime hosts (*.ably-realtime.com), the Ably website and CDN (affecting website assets and library access) are having availability problems due to Cloudflare issues: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/incidents/tx4pgxs6zxdr .

The primary realtime hosts (rest.ably.io, realtime.ably.io) do not use cloudflare and are still working fine, so the service is still up.

We are in the process of bypassing Cloudflare on selected high-priority hosts (the website, status site, and CDN).

Update 14:05 UTC: Cloudflare has been bypassed for the website, status site, and CDN. Fallback hosts are still going through cloudflare, but as primary hosts are all up (and have been the whole time), this should have no effect on service status.

2nd Jul 02:25 PM

Cloudflare is back up, so fallback hosts are now responding as normal.


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