Incident Details

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20th April 2019 08:21:35 AM

Network timeouts in us-west-1 datacenter

We are seeing a high number of timeouts in the us-west-1 datacenter at present.

20th Apr 08:57 AM

We are investigating the root cause of the issue. If this issue is not resolved soon we will temporarily redirect traffic away from the us-west-1 datacenter until the underlying issues are resolved

20th Apr 09:19 AM

All intermittent timeouts in the us-west-1 region have stopped since 09:21 UTC.

We believe the underlying issue was a networking issue in the underlying AWS datacenter, but have not been able to confirm that. However, for the last hour, the datacenter appears to be healthy.

Clients closest to us-west-1 experiencing timeouts would have been automatically reconnected to an alternative datacenter with our automatic fallback capability. See https://support.ably.io/a/solutions/articles/3000044636 for more details.


in about 1 hour