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14th August 2018 05:50:03 AM

eu-central-1 service disruption

Since 0550 UTC there was service disruption with increased error rates and latencies in eu-central-1. Recovery action is underway and service is getting back to normal.

More information will be posted here in due course.

14th Aug 07:42 AM

The root cause of this was due to a routine deploy in that region, which triggered an unexpected spike in CPU load across the routing layer for the entire eu-central-1 region. The error rates returned to normal at 6:41 UTC.

We are continuing to investigate why this deploy caused the disruption in this region.

14th Aug 09:15 AM

The code that caused this issue was rolled back in all regions across all instances where it had been deployed. See https://status.ably.io/incidents/554 for subsequent incident detailing the rollback process.

We will continue to investigate and publish a full post mortem in due course in incident https://status.ably.io/incidents/554.


3 months ago